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Explore Niseko - New Affiliate Booking System

From October 2018, Explore Niseko is now offering a free Affiliate Booking System to our agents and supplier partners, allowing your customers to easily book additional services without needing to look anywhere else.

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What is the Affiliate Booking System?

It is an online booking widget which is linked into our booking system allowing access to all of our products or as few products as we set up for you to access.

This widget will be presented to you in the form of a URL link. You can add this to your website however you wish, or even send directly to your guests by email. The widget is customisable to fit your website button colours and will display your company name at the top of the page.

All bookings made through the widget are trackable so both you and us know how the booking was made.

Customers can search by date and number of persons to find pricing and filter the results to just show activities from specific categories, eg. Snowmobiling products, CAT Skiing products...

What are the benefits?

This affiliate booking system costs nothing to set up.

Products available for customers to search are tailored to your needs. We can add and remove specific products based on the services which you already offer your customers.

Direct booking access to over 100 activities and 40 suppliers in the Niseko area.

You will receive 5% commission on all bookings we receive via the widget without having to do anything! We process the bookings, collect payment and communicate with the customer.

How can I set this up?

Contact us to register your interest in the Affiliate Booking System.

Tell us what products you are interested in selling through the system and provide the colour code of the buttons/links on your website.

We will set this up for you and provide you with a URL link.

Are there any examples?

We have already set this up with 2 companies:

Niseko Portfolio in Niseko and Deep Powder Tours in Australia.

On Niseko Portfolio's website, scroll down the offers page and select the "Get Ready for Winter" offer. This will take you to their booking widget which is set to show all of our activity products.

Deep Powder Tours have set up an introduction page on their website and the 'Book Now' buttons then take customers onto our affiliate booking site. This widget is showing only selected activity products, as requested by them.

I'm Interested...Sign Me Up!

Contact us by email if you have any questions or would like to set this up.

[email protected]

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