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Bergans of Norway

Bergans of Norway

Bergans of Norway is a leading provider and developer of technical clothing. With a range of clothing for expeditions, outdoor, hunting, mountaineering, skiing and lifestyle and are a major supplier to large and small expeditions around the world. Bergans have an exciting and rich history and have been in operation since 1908.

now stocks limited Bergans accessories including there light weight Merino Wool Base layers and Beanies. Warm, dry, soft, 100% natural and highly versatile. Bergans Merino Wool products are perfect when you plan to be outdoors in cold temperatures and wet conditions, but also when it is warm out. Wool fibers provide an excellent thermal balance, meaning you get great insulation in the cold and a cooling effect when temps are warm. Furthermore, Merino wool retains its warmth when wet and is naturally odor resistant. Each garment also comes with a unique stuff sack made from 100% Tyvek® which can be recycled.

Available now in the Visitors Centre.

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