Getting your snowshoe on at Half Moon Lake

Group Snowshoe Tour around a Frozen lake

Hangetsu-ko, half moon lake, is based at the foot of Mount Youtei and is one of the bigger craters from when the volcano erupted the last time around 1000 bc. Rob (perhaps the biggest snowshoe enthusiast in the area) took me and a group of three others out there on a bluebird day with showshoes on our feet (provided by Rob) and cameras in our hands. The tour took us all the way around the lake, moving through the forrest on a winding path. The serenity and peacefulness is staggeringly loud out there where only birds, squirrels and a lonely fox are in your viscinity.

The tour around the lake got us through all the weather conditions you can imagine - it started out with a blue sky and sunshine, got a little cloudy and ended with a full on snowy blow. As the tour moves around in the terrain this change in the weather conditions is totally normal and it only makes the experience more valuable as you get to see the forrest in such different ways.

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Niseko Snowshoe Tours

The tour is really for everyone. In our group we were a couple in their 60’s-70’s and two in our 20’s, and Rob told us how he’s taken out just about everyone from a 86 year old woman to 4-5 year old kids. He accomodates the guests so if you’re into heavy exercise he’ll take you through the steep trails and if you’re there for a relaxing stroll he’ll choose the less challenging ones. Common for all the tours are the breathtaking views and the steaming hot yuzu tea Rob serves halfway through the tour - the perfect way to take a break in between the birch trees and with a view of the lake.

Snowshoeing is getting trendy and there is a reason why; it is without a doubt the best way to experience nature and it’s beauty on one of those days where riding the mountain seems less appealing. So get those snowshoes on and let Rob and the Japanese mother nature take great care of you!


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