​Night Snowshoe Tour

Having done many day snowshoe tours in Niseko, I was pleasantly surprised by what a different feeling night snowshoeing is. As your steps are illuminated by your headlamp and the moon above, your attention is more finely tuned to what is immediately around you, paying attention to sounds, tracks, and the trail ahead.

Our guides, Brad and Conner, were helpful and cheerful throughout, from strapping into our snowshoes to glissading down the slope toward the Shiribetsu river. As we walked along, the constellations became clearer – with the trees giving way to the frozen river. It was such a treat to stop for a snack and mulled wine. Sipping hot wine whilst trying to identify the clear constellations above was incredibly peaceful. Hirafu's slopes were on fire with night skiing, but the stars above were incredibly clear, no light pollution to interfere.

The hike back was a bit more vigorous as we climbed back up from where we descended. With the Shiribetsu River at our backs and Mt. Yotei ahead, we switchbacked up the mountain.

After our tour, I felt invigorated and refreshed.

At just JPY8,000, a brisk night snowshoe tour should definitely be on your Niseko Bucket list.


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