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An activity designed for families and friends who have arrived in Niseko area for the first time and are interested in the cultural sights the area can offer. Niseko Photography offer a guided tour of the surrounding areas neighbouring Hirafu Village.

The guide, named Yasu, is full of cultural facts and fluent in English, born and bred in Northern Hokkaido. Having lived in this area for a substantial amount of time Yasu is well-informed and knowledgeable regarding the top tourist attractions and secret spots only a local would know.

The area tour includes complimentary photography in the total price paid for no extra cost. Niseko photography's guides are qualified in mountain guiding/instruction as well as fully experienced photographers.

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We started the tour in Hirafu village at an agreed meeting point making our way to Hirafu train station as the first stop on the trip. Niseko Photography provide a vehicle for the entirety of the trip which is approximately 4 hours. On the way we stopped by an incredible picturesque river covered in snow mushrooms, where the snow had gathered on rocks in the frozen water. It was an incredible sight, and could have easily jumped out from the pages of a fairy tale.

Hirafu station is a peaceful place with only one main track running through it, making it an ideal candidate for an awesome photo opportunity. Onwards to Niseko town through the village, which was especially interesting as the architecture is both new and old traditional Japanese buildings, a pleasing mixture to the eye. The Niseko rail station was especially interesting as it was European in design and had an almost Austrian alpine influence from the outside.

One of the most stunning stops on the tour was the natural springs just outside of Niseko Town leading into Annupuri village. The vast open crater of water reaches to levels of 70 degrees and would certainly boil you alive if you ever decided to have a cheeky dip. Strong smells of sulfur filled the air, which is very unusual and overwhelming at first but the sensational sights compensate for the smell.

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We ended the trip in the Annupuri Village where Yasu continued to provide really interesting knowledge and facts on the area. As part of the tour you can also enjoy traditional Japanese food at one of the many restaurants scattered around Annupuri village. I left the tour feeling satisfied not only from the delicious meal I shared with Yasu and the group but from the amount of knowledge and sensational sights taken in from the day.

For more information on Niseko Photography`s off mountain experiences please check out our website at or alternatively stop by the office located centrally in Hirafu near Seicomart.

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