Photography Tour with Aaron Jamieson

Experience the beauty of Niseko, and learn all the tips and tricks of photography.

For 12 years, Aaron Jamison has been living and working in Niseko as a photographer, having worked extensively across Hokkaido as a guide for film crews, athletes, brands and sponsors. He's also a commissioned explorer, photographer and writer for Australian Geographic. Not only is he an absolute legend, he's the real deal!

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If you're after a day off the mountain and just want to explore the beauty of Niseko in a different way, this is the perfect solution! The Explore Niseko team were fortunate enough to experience Aaron's half day workshop that he runs in Niseko.

As the tour started in the morning, it was absolutely puking with snow. An hour or so later, the clouds cleared and we were gifted with blue skies and sunshine! But... in classic Niseko weather style, it quickly changed on us and it was grey, cloudy and again pouring down with snow. Despite the bipolar weather changes, we were still able to learn and experience photography skills with Aaron and adapt to the changes in the weather and how to work with these unpredictable changes on our cameras. It definitely taught us to be quick on our feet to not miss that fleeting 10 seconds of sunshine!

Without giving too much of it away, Aaron took us to some of his favourite, unique spots in the area and taught us how to take our photography to the next level, whether you were a beginner or advanced. From photography 101 of how to use your camera, to photography techniques of composition, angles and creativity, Aaron will guide you throughout the day.

Overall, it was an awesome day! We were able to spend it with a with a seasoned veteran, who showed us to some really special spots, learnt a lot about photography, good company, great conversation and just had an all round great experience.
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