Weiss Powder Cats

Last week, on what was possibly the best powder day of the season so far (or so some have said) a group of boarders and skiers embarked on an epic snow filled adventure with Weiss Powder Cats.

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My self and one other Explore Niseko staff were lucky enough to be a part of the crew to check out the great produce Weiss has to offer. After a brief information/safety session (here’s how to use a beacon, please sign here) filled with lots of chocolates and biscuits, a total of twelve guests and three guides set out for Weiss Horne, a mountain which was once a ski resort.

The mood was jolly as we all eagerly awaited the pristine, untouched white stuff. No one was disappointed. The day consisted of run after run of fresh, at times waste deep (chest and face shots), powder. Words can not express to joy that was collectively felt by the group. Each run was followed up whoops of joy, claps and fist punches. As by far the worst skier there, I can confidently say the guides were beyond amazing, offering advice, guidance and even digging me out of the snow a few times (insert embarrassed emoji here - who knew you could ski when you can’t feel the bottom?!).

The first half of the day we got 4 runs, which generally consisted of wide open beginnings and tree/cat tracks endings. Lunch was in the traditional Japanese bento style, with lots of tea and coffee (and a reading room with an open fire to chase off the chill). In the afternoon we got 3 more runs before calling it a day (by ‘calling it a day’ I mean, lots of group photos and snow fights).

The day was phenomenal and for an intermediate (who is severely wishing to be an expert) skier it was a fantastic and challenging experience. If you are after 50 degree runs with cliff drops, then you should hike Yotei.

If you are after fresh tracks and open glades, if you are new to backcountry, don’t like it too steep, or don’t quite have the physical ability for hiking backcountry, this is the product for you!

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