Whatsup - stand up paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP'ing) is the best way to enjoy the clean Niseko rivers, unspoilt lakes or catch a wave or two at the nearby Sea of Japan

Like surfing, stand up paddle boarding is a lifestyle that can really draw people in. It looks really easy with very little skill involved, but once you get the hang of it (which is really all about balance), suddenly all forms of water become a target for fun.

The SUP craze has grown in recent years and although it has been available in Niseko for a few summers it is definately taking on a new interest.

I recently had a SUP day on nearby Lake Toya and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The feeling of being at one with nature as you paddle around looking back at the beach, the unique prospective that you get from being out on the water at standing level and the adventure and freedom of being able to go anywhere all add up to a really fun experience.

It takes a little while to get your balance right and obviously having any form of waves or whitewater (on sea or rivers) would take a bit more practice but all in all the progression is quick and it doesn't take long before you're cruising around and hooked.

The best news is of course that there are now loads of tour options available in Niseko. So do yourself a favour next time you are here and jump on a SUP, and do expect to fall in and get wet as this is all part of the fun.

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Lake Toya SUP

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