Protecting Our Customers

To ensure we can respond to coronavirus appropriately and protect all guests without compromising the quality of your experience, we have implemented the following:

Booking desks

  • Alcohol sanitisation stations provided at the booking desk
  • Ongoing disinfection of all surfaces through operating hours
  • Protective masks worn by all staff at all times
  • Limiting printed matarials eg. Resort guides, magazines and discarding any print materials after single use.


  • Checking all guest temperature at time of tour
  • Imposed stringent guidelines to ensure all employees and activity staff thoroughly disinfect/wash hands and wear masks before coming into contact with guests.
  • Informing all staff of COVID-19 updates so we can safely carry out assigned tasks and prevent any possible spread of COVID-19
  • Limited transport seating
  • Ensuring that all suppliers are following appropriate Covid protocols and social distancing whilst conducting a tour.
  • Disinfecting all equipment after single use
  • Making protective masks available to guests if required.

Advice for Guests

  • Make use of the alcohol stations provided at all times
  • Make use of masks when in confined public spaces
  • Monitor your health and notify our guest services staff immediately should you feel ill or experience these symptoms for help in contacting local healthcare providers.
  • Spend time outdoors

Stay safe.

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