CAT Skiing

CAT Tours on private mountains in the Hokkaido backcountry

from ¥120,000 per Person

A VIP Cat Skiing experience with 650m delevation per run and spectacular views of the sea of Japan. Enjoy the amazing terrain of a disused resort effortlessly!

from ¥65,000 per Person

An average of 280m descent per run finishing at a steaming hot onsen in the backcountry. The terrain is a mix of extinct ski runs, well spaced trees and glades.

Staff Pick

from ¥65,000 per Person

​Strap in for an exhilarating tow up Mount Raiden behind a snowmobile, slide down, and repeat all day long! A guided tour in classic Hokkaido terrain.

from ¥160,000 per Person

Some of the best powder and steepest runs in Hokkaido. Explore different aspects of Shiribetsudake, a conical volcano with easy access by helicopter!