A night out in the village

Littered amongst the upper and lower village of Hirafu are many, unique and interesting bars, with their own statement personality and atmosphere. I will be taking you on a little journey of some of the spots that are best enjoyed in the evening after a big day on the mountain.

Bar Gyu Bw
Bar Gyu, Niseko

We start off with the Bar Gyu, better known as the Fridge bar due to its cute and quirky entrance being a vintage, coke-a-cola vending machine door. Situated down Yotei-zaka Street, in a cosy corner covered in snow, Gyu bar is famous for its warm, inviting atmosphere with an incredible view of the surrounding forest. Jazz records fill the air courtesy of their old-school record player whilst enjoying a hot-buttered rum or a highball whiskey. I would especially recommend their hot cocktails as they have an incredible range of these particular drinks.

Onwards to Momeji-zaka street the home of the Barn for some classic cocktails or red wine and charismatic bar service. The scenic location gives you that classy, enjoyable night out and the bar staff are insanely talented at knocking up all kinds of cocktails for you to try. There are a selection of great wines available too for those winoes out there who enjoy a good glass or two. My favorite cocktails are the strawberry daiquiri and the cougar which is a creamy delight with a mix of baileys, Kahlua and chocolate liquor finished with a squirt of fresh cream.

Just up from the Barn is a funky joint called Barunba bar, famed for the legendary Jet-lee and Bruce-lee cocktails. Barunba maybe small in appearance but makes up for its appearance with a big atmosphere, especially amongst Hirafu locals and seasonal workers. Always thriving and pumping with people Barunba is a sure fine way to enjoy an evening out in Hirafu. Make sure to duck down low when entering the bar and boogey on in for some original cocktails that will leave you telling your own Barunba tale.

Finally check out Wild Bills, with a pumping atmosphere and space to get your groove on, this bar never fails to entertain. On Wednesday Wild Bills host the legendary Superfly events, hosted by DJ Ben Refix. Thursday nights take you back to the good old 90s, hip-hop, soul, funk beats with EATZ BEATZ. Plenty of nights to go wild at Bills not to mention the legendary Drum and Bass artists Shapeshifter from New Zealand doing a special DJ set ON Friday Feb 14th and Wednesday Feb 19th. Presale tickets are available for both nights now at Wild Bill’s bar.

These are just a few of the many of the cool and quirky that make up Hirafus nightlife. Just take a walk and you’ll discover so much.

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