Cat skiing with NAC

Powdercat 6

After almost a week of no snow and most of the resort looking like it was in serious need of a fill in. I was invited to join NAC for a day on the CAT in Weiss.

The day starts with a quick safety brief at the NAC HQ in Hirafu, after each person gets given an avalanche transceiver we head off to Weiss, which is located 25 minutes away from Hirafu.

The vehicle pulled up next to the CAT and we were given further instruction by our guides and met our photographer, great bunch guys and all very professional.

No time wasted, we jumped into the Cat and started the 20 minute ride to the top of Weiss mountain. After reaching the top of the Cat track, we took a short hike and dropped into the first bowl. We weren’t expecting knee deep powder but were pleasantly surprised with the quality of snow which was still soft and buttery and most importantly completely untracked. Our next run we ventured higher to the peak of Weiss to find fresh lines and after that into the trees in search of some fresh snow which is were the best snow was to be found.

The day was broken up by a sit down Japanese style Bento lunch and coffee in the lounge.

As a competent intermediate level skier you would have no problem with the steepness or tree runs but If you are looking for steep runs or a more hardcore experience then this may not be the product for you although when the powder is deep I can imagine a very different experience, one which I will definitely try again.

The Cat runs until late March depending on Snow and be booked via the Explore Visitors centre.

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