First Tracks with HPG

As an experienced skier/boarder few things compare to the thrill of fresh, untouched snow and leaving first tracks. Hanazono Powder guides offer this experience without the hassle of the a long hike or rush to get in queue for the first lifts.

The day starts with an early pick up from your accommodation and transfer to Hanazono 308. After a short safety briefing its off to the Hano 1 lift were you jump in line with the Ski Patrol and wait for the lifts to fire up and start rolling, a few minutes later you are up the mountain looking down on an expanse of untracked, fresh snow and its all yours.

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The morning involves run after run of the best fresh lines in the Hanazono area and by the time the lifts open to the public, you will have had a solid fix of pure Niseko powder. A short break and chance to regroup, and it’s off to hunt the rest of the mountain for some fresh lines and the HP guides never disappoint.

Based on the day, and conditions, you will taken up the peak or through other gates and guided down some of the best known out of bounds areas in search of fresh lines and local secret stashes.

All in all a great day on the mountain and an experience well worth every penny, which starts at only JPY14,000 per person.

Big shout out to Hanazono Powder guides for a great product and experience. For more information visit explore Niseko visitors centre.

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