Signs of summer in Niseko

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Living in Niseko in winter has so many lifestyle advantages but having a 6 month winter definately gives you a profound appreciation for summer. The return of spring is celebrated in many different ways and none better than the reawakening of the abundant nature of Niseko.

May 05th is Children’s Day and in Niseko this is the time when the switch from winter to summer becomes real with the official closing of the ski lifts. Giant, brightly coloured Koi Fish wind socks or can be seen flapping in the wind and adding a sense of celebration to the grey scenery, the bamboo grass starts to fight its way through the remaining snow, the surrounding farms burst to life and the wildlife are suddenly and very noticeably awake.

The appearance of cherry Blossoms, the smell of BBQ and the sound of rushing water from the snow melt add to the anticipation and signal the arrival of another short but very sweet summer.

There is an abundance to explore in Niseko and Hokkaido in summer and we invite to join the celebration.

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