Building confidence with private ski lessons

Booking a private ski lesson will do wonders for your confidence on the slopes

I'm someone who lives and works year round in Niseko but I'm from Hawaii and Guam so I've never gotten the chance to learn how to ski properly. I was quite nervous before my lesson since I've only skied a couple of times but my instructor Keeley was amazing and so sweet!

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Facing fears and building confidence - Chanelle on the mountain

We met at Dot Base and did a couple of runs working on my weak points and went higher up the mountain to ski the longest run I've personally ever skied and I made it down with her help! I got a bit nervous again but she did a good job keeping me calm and the mood happy and light. She had a positive attitude the entire time during our private lesson and made me feel so comfortable and at ease and really took to her time help explain things to me and work on the basics, helping me build my confidence. She helped push me without making me feel uncomfortable and I had so so so much fun during the whole three hours together! I improved by the end of the lesson and felt so much more confident skiing by the time we were through!

I highly recommend booking a ski lesson whether it be a group lesson or private lesson and if you get a private lesson please ask for Keeley, you won't regret it!

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