Top 5 reasons to join a snowmobile tour in Niseko

Never tried snowmobiling before, or simply looking for an off-mountain activity? We give our top reasons why you should jump in the driver's seat this winter

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1. Snowmobiling is adventurous, but not difficult

Even with zero experience, snowmobiles are easy to drive. During a land tour, the guide will provide safety briefing and instructions on how to use the machines before leading a practice circuit to warm up. Here, participants are given the opportunity to get used to the speed and handling in their snowmobile in an open snowy field, before following the guide into a forest adventure, so even complete beginners will soon feel confident and be whizzing about in no time.

2. The scenery provides the best photo opportunities

Not only does the average Joe look insanely cool riding a snowmobile, the surrounding scenery creates great photo opportunities. On a sunny day you'll be lucky enough to feature blue skies and Mount Yotei in your snaps, and on snowy days the fields and trees look effortlessly magical. The pace of the tour and the freedom of driving independently in the field spaces allows for plenty of Kodak moments. No filters needed!

3. It gives you a break from the mountain

Perhaps you have weary legs midweek through your holiday, or maybe sliding down a mountain just isn't your thing. Either way, snowmobiling is a great off-mountain activity to join, with little exertion required. You can jump in the drivers seat, or ride tandem (as a passenger) with a friend. As the tour takes place at the base of Mount Yotei, those who are pining for the slopes can still enjoy amazing views of the volcanic mountain on clear days.

4. You have the snowmobile area to yourself

With exclusive access to the area, your guide will take you on terrain and trails without any other traffic. No worries about tracked out snow or competing with other groups for space, you can speed around and have fun, safe in the knowledge that you and your pals have the area to yourselves.

5. Snowmobile tours are easy to book

With four tours running per day, seven days a week, and with a free pick-up and drop-off service, a snowmobile land tour couldn't be easier to organise. Suitable for all levels and for ages 5 and above, it is one of the most accessible experiences available in Niseko. Book with your partner, friends or family for an hour of fun in the snow. For those wanting a longer trip or more intrepid experience, we highly recommend giving a snowmobile trail tour a go.

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